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Post-bariatric patients from Beverly Hills seeking tummy tucks are becoming increasingly aware that plastic surgery after weight loss requires the special skills of a highly trained surgeon. The doctors of Marina Plastic Surgery identify how - and why - patients are making better choices.

Beverly Hills, California (April 2009) - Extreme weight loss can leave behind loose skin and pockets of fat that prompt many post-bariatric patients to seek cosmetic surgery. Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery says that more post-bariatric patients considering abdominoplasty in Beverly Hills are taking the time to research their options in order to find surgeons with skill and experience performing post-bariatric body contouring.

"Today, more post-bariatric patients understand that choosing a skilled surgeon for their Beverly Hills tummy tucks or body lift procedures can make a critical difference in their results," says Dr. Stevens, a board-certified plastic surgeon and Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery. "These patients often have specific problem areas such as excess skin that need to be addressed during the procedure in order to create good results, and more post-bariatric patients are looking for surgeons with specialized experience in plastic surgery after weight loss."

Abdominoplasty requires a surgeon to tighten lax abdominal muscles, remove localized fat, and trim away loose skin in the lower abdomen. Beverly Hills area abdominoplasty surgeons are seeing an increase in the number of men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight and are turning to a tummy tuck or other plastic surgery options for an improved appearance and increased comfort.

According to Marina Plastic Surgery, more post-bariatric patients are looking into these procedures, and they are much more aware of the steps they can take to plan for plastic surgery after weight loss. They have been conducting their own research and talking with several plastic surgeons to learn how they can prepare for and address the loose skin that remains following massive weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Dr. Stevens says that the best plastic surgeons for bariatric patients will take the time to address the unique issues and characteristics of these patients. The skin excess tends to be extreme and the areas of concern are numerous. A detailed consultation with a surgeon specializing in this surgery is where the patient will learn about the different options recommended for their specific case.

"A 'one-size-fits-all' approach is not appropriate for any cosmetic surgery," explains Dr. Stevens. "Weight fluctuations affect the distribution of fat and the elasticity of the skin, especially in areas like the hips, flanks, and buttocks, so a plastic surgeon needs to take these factors into account. My Los Angeles and Beverly Hills abdominoplasty patients know that a personalized approach is going to show in their results."

In addition to tummy tucks, post-bariatric plastic surgery often involves procedures such as liposuction or body lift to target loose or sagging tissues. Dr. Stevens also performs breast lift and breast augmentation procedures in conjunction with Beverly Hills tummy tucks because breast surgery can help restore symmetry and minimize the appearance of sagging skin in the upper body. With more patients seeing plastic surgery as an integral part of their weight loss and life transformation goals, more are asking the right questions to find a surgeon who can deliver individualized care and highly satisfying results.

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