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Botox Alternatives

Recently approved by the FDA, XEOMIN is now being offered at Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles as a BOTOX alternative for wrinkle treatment.

Marina Del Rey, California (November 2011) – Marina Plastic Surgery (www.marinaplasticsurgery.com) is now offering FDA-approved XEOMIN, an additive-free BOTOX Cosmetic alternative. As with BOTOX and many of the other treatments for skin care for Los Angeles patients at Marina Plastic Surgery, XEOMIN minimizes wrinkles to make faces smoother and more aesthetically pleasing. As an added benefit, patients will not become resistant to XEOMIN as they sometimes do to BOTOX.

Dr. Grant Stevens, a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon whose specializations include face lift in Los Angeles, says, "This is a great addition to our facial rejuvenation arsenal because, over time, some people become resistant to BOTOX because of the additives it includes. This causes it to lose its effectiveness for those individuals. In addition, although BOTOX is an excellent product, XEOMIN costs much less. According to the studies, it may last longer, a bonus for the right patient."

XEOMIN, like BOTOX, is a proven treatment for crow's feet, smoker's lines, neck bands and hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration under the arms, on the feet and hands and in other areas). For many patients in Los Angeles, BOTOX Cosmetic will continue to be most beneficial, while for others, XEOMIN may be a better choice, Dr. Stevens says.

"Because we offer so many options, we are able to treat patients with a wide range of concerns and goals," Dr. Stevens says. "For example, for people with well-defined wrinkles or creases who want a 'non-surgical face lift,' we have a choice of several injectable fillers in addition to XEOMIN.

"The fillers available today are light years ahead of collagen and other fillers from several decades ago. Treatment is easier, the results can be better tailored, and the span between follow-up treatments is extended. While the science has not evolved enough to make surgical face lifts obsolete, our patients can achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance in just one short office visit. I'm delighted to add XEOMIN to our menu of treatments."

Injectable fillers can rejuvenate multiple problem areas such as smile lines, vertical lip lines and facial hollows. They can be used instead of — or in addition to — facial surgery.

"A non-surgical procedure such as XEOMIN isn't going to be right for everyone," Dr. Stevens says. "In some cases, only a surgical procedure can provide the degree of tightening and lifting that a patient needs to achieve the results they want. But even in these cases, it's increasingly common to combine a plastic surgery procedure with injectables for added enhancement."

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