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Los Angeles Laser Breast Reduction on the Rise

A safe and effective alternative to traditional methods, laser-assisted breast reduction is gaining popularity as more women choose Marina Plastic Surgery for their "Laser Bra" procedure.

Marina Del Rey, California (February 2010) – Dr. Grant Stevens, the board-certified plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery, is seeing increasing demand for Los Angeles breast reduction procedures, in part due to a method of breast reduction assisted by a carbon dioxide laser (known as the Laser Bra).

"Breast reduction can give women relief from upper body pain, discomfort during exercise, and from the negative effects of unwanted attention," explains Dr. Stevens. "When you're looking at a procedure that can do so much good, you can't help wanting to really refine and, perhaps, redefine methods to give women the very best results. It was in this spirit that we began performing laser-assisted breast reduction at my practice."

During Laser Bra breast reduction, excess skin is prepared using a solid laser beam produced by a continuous mode carbon dioxide laser. This specially prepared skin is then used to create an "internal brassiere" that provides lasting support for the breasts.

The laser is being used only during a specific portion of the procedure. Using the laser for this purpose may mean that the procedure can be completed more quickly. It also leads to more consistent preparation, requires less stretching of breast tissue, and results in less blood loss than you would see with traditional methods.

In a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the Southern California breast reduction surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery and their team reviewed 367 consecutive laser-assisted breast reduction procedures performed over a 10-year period. They assessed complications such as hematoma and infection, breakdown of incision sites, and need for blood transfusion. Results of the study revealed an overall complication rate of 11%, compared to complication rates of 10% to 43% in prior studies of surgeries using traditional methods.

"Ultimately, what the study indicates is that laser-assisted breast reduction is an excellent alternative to standard methods," remarked Dr. Stevens. "There is no greater risk of complications when breast reduction is performed with a laser than when breast reduction is performed with a scalpel and scissors alone. When you combine the results of this study with the knowledge we already have about the benefits of the laser procedure, it makes me even more confident in encouraging my breast reduction patients to choose the Laser Bra."

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