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Competition is hot this Holiday Season

If you're bored with the usual bling-bling, treat yourself to a gift that really keeps on giving. Men and women all over the United States are foregoing the must-have "bling" to gain the must-have "zing"... of laser that is!

LOS ANGELES, August 29th, 2005 - Fraxel Laser Treatments are a revolutionary non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA. Only a handful of physicians in the world have access to this technology. Shoppers are tossing aside their designer wish lists, passing up the malls, and heading straight for the light. What makes this laser so unusual is that it utilizes a digital approach to touching up the skin - much like current computer technology does for repairing old photographs, pixel by pixel. Wrinkles and skin discoloration caused by the aging process are diminished at the flip of a switch. The skin is once again, returned to a natural and unrehearsed youthful glow...truly leaving you looking amazingly beautiful!

Fraxel is one of the newest, most effective treatments for revitalizing aging skin. This non-invasive procedure erases skin discoloration, acne scarring and other such disorders, as well as diminishing wrinkles. And what's more, Fraxel can be safely used on any part of the body ... Finally medicine offers rejuvenation from head-to-toe.

Dr. Grant Stevens was one of the first surgeons to obtain Fraxel, and began performing the procedure at Marina Plastic Surgery, in Marina Del Rey. Hundreds of customers have flocked in and personally witnessed the disappearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone before their very eyes. In fact, clients can expect a silkier, more radiant complexion in as little as one week after treatment- just in time to look extraordinary for holiday parties. "Clients will be surprised at how quickly they see improvements in the tone and texture of their skin," says Dr. Stevens.

Typical laser and peel methods can often require general anesthesia and leave behind unsightly bruises and irritation. Fraxel usually produces only a slight "zing" sensation that ends when the procedure is completed and short-term reddening of the skin.

The difference is that, while traditional treatments are usually applied to larger areas of the skin surface, the Fraxel procedure more precisely targets smaller areas of underlying skin. Such meticulous attention to problem areas stimulates collagen production deep within the skin. It also protects surrounding skin from unnecessary exposure and speeds the healing process. "Fraxel is a much gentler treatment that accomplishes significant results in a shorter time than some of the more traditional treatments commonly used," said Dr. Stevens.

Fraxel requires so little time that customers can escape in between shopping excursions...and have a treatment in as little time as a Latté break.

Typically five treatments are recommended, and each one takes as little as one hour. During the procedure, the skin is washed and a blue tint is applied. A special light-wand that penetrates to the dermis is passed over the skin. Subsequent treatments are spaced about two weeks apart.

Dr. Grant Stevens is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the Medical Director of Plastic Surgery Associates in Marina Del Rey, California. He specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery and has recently been named one of America's Best Physicians in The Guide to Top Doctors. Dr. Stevens was nominated by his colleagues, which makes this recognition especially prestigious and rewarding. He is an active member at Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital where he is the past Chairman of the Department of Surgery, the past Chairman of the Liposuction Committee, and the past co-director of the Breast Center. He is also on staff at St. John's Medical Center and the Marina Outpatient Surgery Center.

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