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More Los Angeles Liposuction Patients Combine Dietary Changes with Cosmetic Surgery

Patients are finding ways to maximize the results of their cosmetic surgery and liposuction. Los Angeles patients who wish to keep the off the extra pounds participate in frequent activity and watch what they eat.

Los Angeles, California (March 2009) - While body contouring cosmetic surgery may be viewed by some as an end-all to weight loss struggles, Los Angeles liposuction patients know better. Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery says that patients who prioritize a healthy lifestyle by maintaining healthy dietary and exercise patterns both before and after surgery often enjoy dramatically better results in the long term.

"I have been telling my patients for years: liposuction is not a quick fix for weight loss," says Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery. "Yes, many liposuction patients choose this procedure because they want to look more fit and toned - but the best liposuction results are achieved when a patient watches what they eat and gets regular exercise. I've found that when it comes to body contouring, you really have to be healthy to look your healthiest."

Los Angeles liposuction procedures are intended to reshape and contour the body in the areas that diet and exercise often can't help, such as the hips and thighs in women and the belly in men. Modern techniques such as laser liposuction offer highly precise results without the risks, downtime, and discomfort of older methods, but Dr. Stevens says that advanced techniques by no means undermine the importance of healthy living to promote better results.

"The liposuction procedure itself is only part of the process of helping patients successfully achieve the shape they want," explains Dr. Stevens. "Healthy eating promotes skin elasticity, which is important to help skin tighten after surgery, and exercise is a key factor in preventing post-surgery weight gain. Lifestyle directly impacts results, so I take the time to discuss these factors with each patient and, if necessary, address what kind of changes they need to make, months before their surgery."

Typically, Dr. Stevens finds that his Los Angeles liposuction patients are very willing to make the necessary changes to ensure smoother results in the long term. Studies following weight levels in liposuction patients have found that patients who neglect to eat healthy in the months after their procedure are three times more likely to gain weight, while those who do not take the time to exercise regularly are four times as likely to add pounds.

"Patients who are still in the process of losing weight may need to delay surgery until they are within a healthy weight range, so that they can achieve the most flattering results possible," Dr. Stevens says. "This is why the initial consultation is so important. Patients who need help improving their health habits can be pointed toward healthy diet and exercise resources to get a head start before they undergo liposuction at my Los Angeles offices."

When women and men visit Marina Plastic Surgery's specialty Web site on liposuction, many are encouraged by the photos of liposuction patients in Los Angeles. Results range from subtle reshaping using Smartlipo to more extensive body contouring in multiple areas. In many cases, the patients who are healthiest before the procedure have the most satisfying results.

"I always tell my patients that I'm doing the easy part for them," says Dr. Stevens. "Surgery requires years of training and a strong sense of balance and beauty, but it's only one part of the process. Diet and exercise can be just as vital in maintaining a newly contoured shape."

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