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Nipple Surgery Trend: Bigger is Better

A creative new approach to nipple surgery is helping Los Angeles and Beverly Hills women create a sexier and more balanced breast appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens explains his popular new procedure to enhance nipple size, texture, and appearance.

Marina Del Rey, California (September 2009) – Breast augmentation and areola surgery are increasingly popular, and a new approach to nipple surgery is helping women ensure a more attractive, balanced result from their breast enhancement procedure. Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery is implementing a new step in many of his nipple surgery and areola reduction procedures to help increase the size of the nipples. He says this nonsurgical addition to nipple enhancement is already becoming popular with women wanting a more balanced and proportional nipple appearance.

"Balance is essential for beautiful results, so the basic idea behind this procedure is to create a better balance between the size of the areola – the dark tissue around the nipple #8211; and the size of the nipple itself," explains Dr. Stevens. "I can achieve this balance using an injectable filler, RADIESSE, and my patients are very impressed with the results. A nicely shaped and sized nipple can enhance the look of the whole breast considerably."

RADIESSE wrinkle filler is a calcium-based gel typically used to restore tissue volume and correct wrinkles in delicate facial tissues. In the nipple enhancement context, RADIESSE can smooth out nipple texture at the same time as it adds volume, and can alleviate scar depressions and indentations that have resulted from other surgeries such as areola reduction.

"Most surgeons perform areola reduction as part of their breast lift and breast reduction procedures, but typically the nipples themselves are not changed," notes Dr. Stevens. "Areola reduction can improve breast aesthetics, but so can nipple augmentation. By using an injectable filler, my patients can have a better nipple appearance that lasts several months before retreatment is necessary."

Dr. Stevens has gained attention recently for his areola reduction procedures, which enhance the appearance of the breast by reducing the size and in some cases adjusting the position of the pigmented area around the nipple. Although areola procedures as stand-alone surgeries have yet to reach the mainstream, Dr. Stevens says that already he is seeing many more women who would like to improve areola size or position.

"I've had patients who tell me they've felt uncomfortable with their breasts their whole life because they had 'droopy' or enlarged nipples, or areolas that looked 'abnormal.' A small surgical procedure to enhance the areola can be extremely important for a woman's self-esteem and self-image," he says.

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