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Buddies in Plastic Surgery

In a recent article published in The New York Times, Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery explained how 'Plastic Surgery Buddies' are changing the surgical process for the better. "For women who are a little intimidated by the idea of plastic surgery, bringing a friend to the consultation can offer moral support. It can also satisfy the curiosity of the buddy. The potential for success is excellent because it's more fun and relaxing to sharing the experience and the information."

The idea seems obvious. Women consult friends when they change their hair styles, buy a new car, or even pick wedding dresses. So why wouldn't they consult about something that changes their appearance, is a significant financial investment and is meant to endure the test of time. The answer may prove that plastic surgery is no longer something to hide.

With the advent of BOTOX parties, cosmetic enhancements suddenly became something fun and social. Now that women are no longer secretive about plastic surgery, they can share their experiences and even bond with other women who are interested in similar procedures.

This trend could be a boon for plastic surgeons willing to capitalize on plastic surgery buddies. Not only can a friend encourage a potential patient to schedule a consultation, a friend will make sure to follow through with the appointment, and if the friend is also curious about a procedure, the plastic surgeon may end up with two scheduled procedures where there may have been none.

It will be interesting to see how plastic surgeons begin to address the potential of this growing trend. Savvy plastic surgery practices will certainly find new and creative ways to turn this trend into a standard practice for scheduling surgeries. Move over Mommy Makeovers it's time for Companion Cosmetic Surgeries.

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