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What Recession? News from Marina Plastic Surgery

A Southern California Plastic Surgery Practice Stimulates Spirits and the Economy

07/24/2008 - In the face of an uncertain economy, one thing remains constant; people want to look their very best. Independent of what is going on with the outside world; it's what's going on inside their world that matters. No dreary weather forecast is going to dissuade thirsty consumers from taking a trip to the fountain-of-youth.

Although predictions shed a dim light upon the future state of finances, there clearly seems to be plenty of money to brighten, tighten and tuck the faces and bodies of Southern California. Independent of any adverse circumstances, there is enough of the green-stuff budgeted for both men and women to get their nips-and-tucks in, on an as-needed basis.

These days being "thrifty" means using your BOTOX and Restylane coupons, rather than tossing them aside, as done in more abundant days. By no means are clients tossing away their appointments - they are just getting more creative with their finances. Now we see dusty piggy banks being replaced by shiny ceramic BOTOX Banks. There may be cut-backs on pricy gourmet-lattes, and java-jolts are being replaced with jolts of laser frequency that tightens your face.

How is this possible at a time when the media shouts nothing shy of depressing trends? Simple. "Our appearance is something we can control. Unlike the frustrating inflated gas prices, people are empowered when they can control and change their world," states Dr. Grant Stevens, Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey. Shallow and esoteric as that may seem - this is, in fact, a monumental epiphany. "Looking in the mirror and liking what you see, refocuses you on the positive, and uplifts your day and general well-being," adds Stevens. That alone is the start of a changing world - beginning with you.

No wonder his business is doing so well, as evidenced by a busy multi-faceted practice that includes plastic and reconstructive surgery, clinical and cosmetic skin care, as well as a flourishing medical spa. There's an "appearance budget" for everyone here and even coming in for an affordable medical-facial will leave you glowing. That glow can also be seen on patients' faces as they depart after having wrinkle removers and skin smoothers, and now, the long-awaited Cellulite treatment, "Which is all the rage." reports Carla Lovato, PA-C. A Physician Assistant, under the guidance of Dr. Stevens, Carla and her associate Cory Felber, PA-C, handle all non-surgical treatments at Marina Plastic. "Life is not a dress-rehearsal," says Felber, and "My patients want to act now, and live in the moment. They want to look and feel their best despite any negative economic situation. Yes, they use their coupons more than ever... but we love that! That's our way of saying thank-you for their loyal patronage." Carla adds, "Our patients also want to remain competitive in the struggling economy, and feel secure in their jobs. Looking great gives them an edge, as society equates beautiful, healthy appearances with confidence and self-respect."

With a stormy political and economic year, Marina Plastic Surgery shows no evidence of wavering from a sound podium. Even aesthetician Tina Yerelian reports a steady stream of business, with no signs of decline. For her, these summer months are a particularly busy time for permanent make-up. Tina should know. She herself has had this done to her own face, as have many of Dr. Stevens' staff. Tina notes, "Women like to swim and emerge from the water fresh and beautiful. With this procedure, that happens. "We apply natural looking make-up to the lips, eyes and brows, that looks flawless, freshly applied and natural 24 hours a day," adds Tina. Even as The Dow drops, Tina has held onto her dedicated clientele for years. Dr. Stevens comments,"Rather than invest in an unstable real-estate market, my patients want to invest in a 'sure' thing - themselves."

Apparently, there is some truth to all of this. Undoubtedly, looking your best does make you feel better. Dr. Grant Stevens proudly reports, "My patients tell me everyday that their lives are more satisfying following surgery, since they feel better about themselves. That often communicates into a more positive and fulfilling life experience. Doing something gratifying for yourself will lighten your worries and refocus you on the positive." Now that's powerful!

Leading indicators are not always accurate, as evidenced in this particular practice anyway, where business is alive and thriving. It can be argued that the recession is merely a state-of-mind. If true, then we say, Mind the state of your personal appearance - and you'll feel like a million bucks - no matter what the economy says.

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