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Cheek/Chin Shaping Case

Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping



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Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping
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  • Cheek/Chin Shaping

Details for Case #10834

This 36-year-old woman wanted to have a stronger chin to balance out the proportions of her face so she began looking for a skilled plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who could advise her. After some consideration, she scheduled a consultation with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

During her consultation, she expressed her concerns as her surgeon listened carefully. He explained to her that chin implants were a safe and effective solution to her problem, and by using only a small incision below her chin, he would insert the implant with minimal scarring. She had the choice between a silicone and an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) implant, both of which have a history of safety. Once the implant was placed, the improvement would be immediate and would last.

Following her Los Angeles plastic surgery, this patient’s profile is more defined like she had originally wanted. Although it was a subtle change, her appearance was dramatically altered as can be seen in her after photos. From the profile view, her chin is balanced with the shape of her face, rather than being recessed. Overall, she was very happy with the results of her surgery and felt more confident in her appearance.

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