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Ear Surgery Ear Surgery



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Ear Surgery Ear Surgery
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Details for Case #11409

After enduring the physical and emotional discomfort of overly-prominent ears for most of his adult life, this 31-year-old man decided it was time to find a Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon who could set his ears back closer to his head, in a more balanced and less noticeable position. While most parents choose the surgery for their children at a much younger age, the procedure carries no additional risk when performed on adults and can still provide excellent results.

This patient found comfort in the clear explanations and supportive manner of the plastic surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates. In his consultation, this man explained to his surgeon that he was interested in otoplasty, or ear surgery, to adjust the position of his ears. His surgeon explained that in cases like this one, where the patient’s ears are slightly asymmetrical to begin with, otoplasty can often partially or completely correct the imbalance, but in some cases a slight difference will still be visible.

After discussing the procedure and recovery in detail they scheduled a time for the patient to undergo surgery, and the procedure went beautifully. Otoplasty is performed by Marina Plastic Surgery surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery for Pasadena, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles patients that typically requires only a small incision behind each ear to allow the surgeon to reposition the cartilage of the ear before suturing it in place.

This man’s postoperative photo is taken 3 years following surgery, and it is evident that his ears have healed wonderfully. His ears no longer “stick out,” but rest more naturally looking to the sides of the head. He is very pleased with the results of his otoplasty procedure and thankful that he now enjoys a look that he wanted.

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