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Ear Surgery Before & Afters Case #11412

Patient Details

Overly prominent ears can be a source of insecurity for many young people in school and social settings. This young girl met with the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to find out how a Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon could help her reshape the look of her ears. After discussing her appearance goals her surgeon recommended a bilateral otoplasty to reposition her ears so that they would be less noticeable.

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is designed to adjust the position of ears that "stick out" noticeably from the patient's skull. A small incision is made at the back of the ear so that exposed cartilage may be re-sculpted and bent back towards the head. Sometimes, non-removable stitches are used to help the ears keep their new shape.

This girl's postoperative photos taken one month following surgery show that her surgeon repositioned her ears beautifully so that they rest evenly and attractively against her head. She is thrilled with the outcome of her facial plastic surgery near Pasadena as her ears no longer detract attention away from her face. She is very grateful that Marina Plastic Surgery was able to help her realize the look she had hoped for.

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Ear Surgery

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