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After constantly being told she "looked tired," this 58-year-old woman decided to find out if there was a good way to refresh and enliven her appearance. She was not sure if a Los Angeles mini facelift or a nonsurgical approach would be the best way to make a noticeable change, but she wanted the opinion of an authority in both areas. She decided to contact the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, and scheduled a time for an examination and consultation.

Her surgeon examined her facial tissues and listened to her goals. He explained that a mini facelift would not be necessary in her case, and that she could improve her "tired" look dramatically by filling up her "tear troughs" with a nonsurgical dermal filler. He recommended Restylane®, a long-lasting hyaluronic-acid gel that takes only about 20 minutes to apply.

Restylane is a top choice for the delicate tissues around the eyes and lips because it is absorbs safely into the body within 6 months to a year. For small-scale applications like this, most patients need only one treatment, and the results are visible almost instantly.

After her procedure, this patient already looks much less tired and more alert. The subtle change to her eye area has completely transformed her appearance, and she looks more positive and awake. In some cases, patients who "look tired" because of saggy upper eyelids will need a Beverly Hills area cosmetic surgery procedure like eyelid surgery to lift and tighten those tissues, but most of time younger patients like this woman find that a quick injection is enough to create a noticeable but very natural result.

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