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The face isn't the only place that shows unwanted signs of aging, and this 56-year-old female understood. She felt as though her hands "gave away her age," so she wanted to reduce the visibility of the veins and tendons. She had heard that dermal fillers could restore volume to skin and wondered if this might be a good option for her. She called Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to schedule an appointment with a Los Angeles plastic surgeon to get answers to her questions.

During her appointment, she was told that dermal filler injections could restore a more youthful look to her hands. Because many dermal fillers are made from naturally occurring substances, there is little risk for allergic reaction. Plus, the procedure requires little to no downtime, and the results are immediate.

Her doctor used RADIESSE® in Los Angeles for her treatment. RADIESSE not only adds volume to the skin but also helps produce new collagen, so improvements continue to appear over time. After 2 syringes of RADIESSE, her hands look supple and the veins and tendons are less visible. She is very happy with the results and loves showing off her new, youthful hands.

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Injectable Fillers

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