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Injectable Fillers Injectable Fillers
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Details for Case #12087

Concerned about the loss of volume in her face, this patient decided to contact Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for a consultation.

Loss of volume can occur for many reasons, ranging from the natural aging process to significant weight loss. Unattractive cheek hollows and sunken areas beneath the eyes can detract from your appearance. When the woman consulted our specialists, we recommended Sculptra® at our Los Angeles practice.

Formulated to restore volume and fill out facial features, Sculptra is injected like other dermal fillers. Because it stimulates collagen production, it can improve the elasticity of the skin while adding the fullness this woman desired.

The number of treatments recommended is usually based on the extent of the problem. In this case, our specialist suggested 3 to 4 treatments. However, as shown in her photos, after her first treatment, the woman had already experienced improvement in her midface and temples.

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