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  • Injectable Fillers
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

Details for Case #12090

Signs of aging and sun damage were major concerns for this 60-year-old woman. She wanted to rejuvenate the appearance of her hands, since she felt that they “aged” her, and she wanted to lessen the sun spots and fine lines on her face. She wanted her procedure to be performed by a knowledgeable expert, so she contacted the Los Angeles cosmetic surgery office of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

When she came for her initial consultation, she expressed her dissatisfaction with her blotchy skin. She wanted her face to look more refreshed and vibrant, and she wanted to reduce the visibility of tendons and veins in her hands. Because she had multiple concerns, she was offered a variety of treatments. To diffuse redness and brown spots on her hands, the LimeLight™ laser was suggested. To restore youthful plumpness to the skin, the dermal filler RADIESSE® in Los Angeles was recommended. She was told that the Pearl Fractional laser would remove sun damage and soften fine lines on her face. She agreed enthusiastically to the procedures and made an appointment.

She felt very comfortable the day of treatment because she knew she was in good hands. The laser treatments took about an hour each, and the dermal filler injections took only a few minutes. During her recovery, she was asked to avoid direct sun and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen if outdoors. After a few days, her skin began to flake and peel, revealing healthy skin below. She now enjoys more evenly toned skin on her face and hands, as well as a more youthful appearance. To maintain or enhance her results, future treatments were recommended.

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