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Correcting Labial Redundancy With A Labiaplasty?

Also known as Designer Vaginas, surgical and non-surgical options are available to address the internal and external appearance of the vagina.

In recent years, interest in Vaginal Rejuventation procedures have increased in demand and popularity - it is commonly performed on women who have had children or women who have had persistent issues with their lady parts, whether for aesthetic reasons or for function's sake. While Vaginal Rejuvenation addresses the internal aspects of the vagina, there are quite a few aesthetic gynecological procedures which address the external appearance of the vagina, including a Labiplasty.

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Recently seen on The Doctors, a younger patient discussed the difficulties of having an excessively large labia minora and her surgical options to remedy her discomfort. The labia minora, which are also known as in the inner lips are the portion of the vagina that overhang and when too large, can cause extreme discomfort and and emotional distress, leading to pain in general and during sexual intercourse. This can affect women of all ages, regardless of whether they have had children or not.

According to Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens, "There has been a major increase in woman seeking information and surgery on labia, mons, and vagina. Some have referred to this as a 'Designer Vagina' in the media. The reason for this increased demand is the availability of information on the internet and the media."

With increased knowledge, more and more women are examining their options, particularly if their condition is causing discomfort. "Women decide to have Vaginal Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery for many reasons," states Dr. Stevens, board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Marina Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey, CA, "The Labia Minora reduction surgery is done most commonly to reduce pain. Many women who have larger labia minora will often experience pain with intercourse or pain with normal activities such as bike riding or wearing tight clothing, chafing and pain while running and so forth."

Dr. Stevens continues, "Another compelling reason that women decide to undergo this type of procedure is they experience 'emotional pain' and embarrassment due to their large labia minora." A surgical procedure such as a labiaplasaty can help address the size and length of the labia minora, increasing comfort, pleasure and potentially help the patient feel more confident in her appearance.

As in the case of the patient on the set of The Doctors, she also had extra skin and scar tissue around the clitoris, which could affect how she felt during sexual intercourse. Dr. Stevens performed the labiaplasty under local anesthesia, with the patient completely awake and cognizant. Because the labia minora is essential skin and subcutaneous tissue, the procedure may be quickly performed with immediate results. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman performas a Clitoral Adhesion to remove scarring and extra tissue around the clitoris to improve comfort as sensation.

"The Labia Majora or outer puffy lips are sometimes reduced for similar reasons but this is far less common," states Dr. Stevens. While reduction of the labia majora, or the outer lips of the vagina are less sought after, Dr. Stevens says there are other procedures that can address issues that women have regarding that particular area.

As we age, we loose volume or fat everywhere, including in the vaginal area. One area that is affected by this loss is the labia majora and a non-surgical option to correct this is the injection of a facial filler. "Women will ask for fat injections and hyaluronic injections into the labia majora as this thought to be a more youthful look," remarks Dr. Stevens.

Another popular vaginal rejuvenation procedure, one that is more in demand among women who have had children include Clitoral Lifts, Mons Lifts and Mons Reductions with liposuction. "These procedures are typically done to enhance sexual responsiveness and ease of orgasm. Mons reductions with liposuction are frequently performed along with Mons Lifts," describes Dr. Stevens, "Other procedures, such as during Vaginal Rejuvenation, the vagina is tightened after childbirth in order to enhance the sexual experience for the woman and her partner. The clitoral hood is reduced in order to expose more of the clitoris."

With the myriad of options and information at the fingertips of women across the nation, it is no wonder that aesthetic gynecological procedures are on the rise: potentially making women and their prospective partners much happier!

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