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Freeze the Fat Away!

July 21, 2014,

So here it goes – my wery first Plastic Surgery experience:

Too few beauty treatment options doesn’t seems to be a problem in Los Angeles. And the inhabitants certainly do not hold their horses, to take advantage of the them, I noticed.

Personally, being a beauty treatment noob from abroad, it was a little shocking for me to see how some inhabitants seems to take it all a little to far. I guess they would rather look like a cat than an old human being.

With so many options out there, it can be tough to figure which treatment will make you look better and not so much like a cat.
So I felt lucky, when a friend of mine recommended the Marina Plastic Surgery, because they apparently knows the differences between the two.

Forget everything about fat burning. Freeze the fat away, that’s what’s cooking in LA. Cool sculpting is a non-invasive procedure with no anesthesia required, and no downtime. The treatment simply freezes the fat cells in the stubborn fat areas that you don’t get sentimental letting go of.

Two hours and around $1,400 for a Cool Sculpting treatment, is cool with me! So I decided to give it at try, because I’m deadly tired of my saddlebags, and no matter how thin I get, and how much yoga I do, they are still there!

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