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The Sweat Stops Here!

Whether it’s the most important interview you have ever had, or its 100 degrees in the shade, no one, no one wants to feel sweaty, sticky and stinky! Deodorants can only do so much but they do tend to help slow down the pour of perspiration. But lately, even deodorants can’t stop sweating completely and they are coming under fire for their possible link to health hazards. So now what? Is there a way to stop the sweat rings, stop ruining silk shirts, cut down the dry cleaning bill and throw out the Old Spice?

Dr. Grant Stevens, of Santa Monica, California says there is a way to avoid the endless deodorant aisle and stop the sweat and odor without surgery! “miraDry is an exciting technology that allows us to eliminate the sweat and the odor from the under arms,” explains Dr. Stevens, “it uses gentle microwave energy placed under the arm to eliminate the glands that actually make the sweat and the odor.”

Bye, bye sweat glands

miradry procedure

This painless process actually kills the targeted glands in the under arm area often making patients wonder if not being able to sweat at all is bad for them. Dr. Stevens says, “We have plenty of other sweat glands in our body to thermoregulate.” Only about 2% of those glands live in the troublesome armpit area.

In fact the International Hyperhidrosis Society says at least 3% of the global population suffers from excessive sweating aka hyperhidrosis affecting many different areas of the body including the hands and feet. “Right now, there’s no technology to address palmer or plantar sweating; however, the people at Miramar Labs who bring us miraDry are researching options to address these troublesome areas,” explains Dr. Stevens.

No more needles

miradry procedure

Before miraDry, excessive sweating under the arms was treated with Botox, but Dr. Stevens says, “It is another way to turn off the sweat glands, but you have to do it several times a year, it hurts, it is expensive and it doesn’t turn off the odor.” Anyone is a good candidate for miraDry. Anyone who doesn’t want to have sweat rings and use countless bottles of deodorant that is! And since it is effective, affordable and painless, it is easy to see how its popularity is growing. The average treatment is about $1995 and the average patient only needs one treatment making it very affordable.

Even though miraDry is a non-surgical procedure, it is very important to seek out a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon for evaluation and consultation. Dr. Stevens has extensive experience with miraDry and finds it one of the most popular procedures for men at his Marina ManLand clinic.

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