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Too Much BOTOX® Could Leave You Looking Like the Easter Bunny

If your kids mistake you for the Easter Bunny when you pass out candy-filled baskets tomorrow, it could be time for BOTOX. Or, it could be because of BOTOX.

Apparently getting too much BOTOX between your eyebrows (the “11s”) can cause you to overuse nearby muscles, causing more pronounced “bunny lines.” AKA those little lines that appear at the top of your nose, particularly when you try and scrunch your face like Samantha from Bewitched.

“In general, BOTOX doesn't cause new lines to form,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens. “But if you or your muscles are still trying to make certain expressions, new muscles and areas may be recruited to do so.”

While others agree that this can happen, it’s also pointed out that it might not be that the muscles are used more and therefore wrinkling more.

“What can happen when you soften one area but not another, is the area where the wrinkles persist is more noticeable,” says oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Matheson Harris.

If the latter is the case, BOTOX is not the problem, but the solution. The doctors agree bunny lines can be treated at the same time as the 11s.

While celebrities like Nicole Kidman may be called out for their bunny lines as proof they’ve hit the needle, keep in mind the words of Dr. Stevens: “Many people contract the muscles of the nose as part of regular facial expressions, smiling or squinting -- it is definitely not a tell tale sign of BOTOX."

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