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  • Liposuction
  • Posterior Lift
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Details for Case #3878

This 46-year-old mother wanted to improve her curves, lift her buttocks, and tighten her skin. She decided to learn more about her options for plastic surgery in Los Angeles and scheduled an appointment at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

When she met with her surgeon, he recommended a buttock lift and power-assisted liposuction. In addition to the body contouring performed during a buttock lift, power-assisted liposuction in Los Angeles has become a popular new method for permanently removing unwanted fatty bulges and creating more attractive body contours.

During power-assisted liposuction, the tip of the suction tube vibrates at a rapid speed. This vibration loosens the fat cells so that the surgeon can gently suction them away with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues. In addition to maximizing the effectiveness of the fat removal and helping patients to be more comfortable, it minimizes bruising. It has been particularly successful for many patients when combined with body contouring procedures such as the buttock lift that this woman chose.

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