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Details for Case #5163

This 41-year-old woman was proud of her recent 100lb weight loss, but was displeased with the sagging in her breasts, abdomen, and buttocks. She knew that plastic surgery would provide the “finishing touches” on her new look so she reached out to the professionals at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

During the consultation, she met with her surgeon and discussed her transformation. The effects of diet and exercise had provided her with a slimmer body, but the excess skin was causing her to feel insecure. She wanted to celebrate her weight loss and newfound confidence with flattering clothing but claimed that certain outfits didn’t fit properly. Her surgeon congratulated her on her achievement and suggested a Los Angeles tummy tuck and buttocks lift to remove the extra skin and give her a tighter, more toned appearance. He also recommended a face lift to reduce the look of “jowls” and a Los Angeles breast lift to give her a more youthful figure.

The procedures were performed in two stages: the first included the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and buttocks lift, and the second involved the breast lift and face lift. She is pictured four weeks after her first operation and shows less rippling in the buttocks and a tighter, flatter abdomen. Her breasts are also perkier and have a more youthful contour. She is very pleased with her firmer body and knows that her scars will fade significantly over the course of the year.

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