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Details for Case #5887

Gravity takes its toll over time, but cosmetic surgery procedures can often reverse these problems in ways that look very natural. This 54-year-old woman from Los Angeles visited the medical offices of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to better understand her options regarding a Pasadena area plastic surgery procedure that would improve the contours of her back, hips, buttocks, and thighs. She and her surgeon discussed several options before deciding that a posterior body lift would accomplish her goals.

Body lift, a procedure commonly combined with abdominoplasty near Beverly Hills, is designed to tighten and tone the entire mid-section and enhance other surrounding areas of the body. The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery pay special attention to the specific needs of their patients to address their areas of concern fully. Traditionally, an incision is made around the patient’s entire midsection so the surgeon has easy access to all of the treatment areas.

The results of this woman’s posterior body lift are highly flattering, and she is very pleased to see that her Marina Plastic Surgery surgeon made such significant improvements to the appearance of her backside. Her postoperative photos highlight dramatic improvements including a slimmer waist and smoother hips and thighs. Her photos were taken 5 months post operatively, and she continues to see appealing results.

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