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Details for Case #5894

After they experience severe weight loss, women and men may be left with areas of loose skin that failed to contract fully to fit their healthier new shape. Many of these patients will seek out a highly qualified Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon who can help rejuvenate their bodies by eliminating those areas of extra tissue. This 50-year-old Los Angeles woman had recently lost over 100 pounds with a Lap-Band and by making diet and exercise part of her daily routine.

After meeting with a plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, this woman decided on a body lift procedure to create a better shape for her abdomen and thighs. Commonly combined with Beverly Hills abdominoplasty, a body lift tightens muscles and tissues of a patient’s entire mid-section. While traditional abdominoplasty focuses on the lower abdomen only, a lower-body lift aims to improve the appearance of the hips, thighs, and even the buttock area at the same time.

This woman is very pleased with the results of her cosmetic surgery. As a wonderful reward for all her hard work to lose weight and live healthier, this woman’s abdominal area now looks beautifully toned and smooth. Loose skin on her back has been removed, and her procedure has even enhanced the contours of her legs and buttocks. She has is very pleased with the results and quality of care she received at Marina Plastic Surgery.

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