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BOTOX® Cosmetic Before & Afters Case #23139

Patient Details

I treated this beautiful patient of mine with two syringes of Restylane to her under eye area, aka “tear trough”. She was super excited to learn that a 30 minute, non-surgical, comfortable in office treatment, could result in her looking significantly more rested.
She, and many patients, assume the Only option to treat this is with surgery or very aggressive lasers. However, in cases like this, We can often help reduce the “hollowing”, as well as how noticeable the under eye puffiness or “bag” is.
By reducing the hollowing, we also reduce some of the shadowing from the loss of volume & depression.
So patients feel that their “dark circles” are less noticeable, even though there has been no change in the pigment.
I’ve been seeing her for Botox for the last 4 years for Botox, and we ventured into fillers about 4 months ago.
Over 3 visits we used the Restylane to the under eye area and also Voluma to her cheeks, Refyne/Defyne to her marionette/ pre-jowl area. She has continued with her regular Botox treatments over those 4 years.
All of these factors combine for a more rested, refreshed and brighter overall appearance.

Procedures Performed

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