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Breast Asymmetry Correction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 9391

Breast Asymmetry Correction Before & Afters Case #9391

Patient Details

This woman, in her 20's, suffered from a severe congenital breast asymmetry. It had become more pronounced after going through puberty and after living with it for years, she decided that she wanted to find a Los Angeles breast augmentation surgeon who had a lot of experience treating asymmetry.

When she met with one of the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, she expressed her desire to have her breasts be symmetrical by increasing the size of her right breast. Since she had volume on her left side but her breast drooped, leaving her nipple pointing downward, her surgeon recommended that they do only a breast lift on the left. To correct the right breast, her surgeon performed only a breast augmentation, inserting the implant through an incision made through her areola, or the skin around the nipple.

After her operation, her breasts appear much more symmetrical in size, shape and nipple size and position than they were before. Overall, she was very pleased with how symmetrical her breasts had become in volume, shape, areola diameter and nipple position. Now that she had both a breast augmentation and breast lift in Los Angeles, she was happy that her breasts looked normal and natural.

Procedures Performed

Breast Asymmetry Correction

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