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Breast Reduction (for Men) Case

Breast Reduction (for Men) Breast Reduction (for Men)



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Breast Reduction (for Men) Breast Reduction (for Men)
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Breast Reduction (for Men) Breast Reduction (for Men)
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Breast Reduction (for Men) Breast Reduction (for Men)
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  • Breast Reduction (for Men)

Details for Case #7995

This 23-year old man wanted to reduce unwanted fat that remained in his chest area. Many men experience difficulty sculpting this part of the upper body due to genetic history, past diet issues, or medications. In many cases they cannot achieve the definition they desire with just exercise. This man decided to take a proactive approach by seeking out liposuction in Los Angeles from Marina Plastic Surgery.

During his personal consultation with his surgeon, this man discussed his area of concern and explained his motivations for wanting a firmer look. His surgeon understood his needs, and explained that he was a good candidate for a liposuction procedure to refine the shape of his upper body. He and his surgeon went over the different surgical options before they agreed on one that his surgeon felt offered the best results for his shape.

At Marina Plastic Surgery, multiple liposuction methods are available, and depending on the individual patient’s body type a surgeon may recommend either standard tumescent liposuction, or an advanced approach such as PAL (Power-Assisted Liposuction). Not every approach is right for every patient, so each surgeon will take the time to assess the patient’s physiology and tissue quality before making a recommendation. For most patients they can correct male “breasts” using liposuction alone, but in some cases it’s necessary to surgically remove some of the glandular tissue behind the nipple.

The results of this patient’s procedure are very noticeable, and after 5 months he is already showing major improvements. The patient is very pleased with his new, defined chest; particularly with how much fitter and firmer his Los Angeles liposuction made his profile look.

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