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  • Liposuction
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Breast Reduction (for Women)

Details for Case #3631

This 55-year-old Florida woman heard about Marina Plastic Surgery Associates and decided to make the trip to California for a consultation because she was generally unhappy with her body after having children. Her breasts were very large and sagged and she was carrying excess fat on her abdomen and flanks. Knowing that a mommy makeover could help improve her figure and reduce her breasts to a more manageable size, she was eager to discuss her options for Los Angeles breast reduction surgery and liposuction.

When she met with her Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon, she explained her concerns as he examined her body. Fortunately, she did not have any excess, stretched skin on her abdomen from being pregnant, so she would not need a tummy tuck. Her abdomen could be treated using only power-assisted liposuction, a method which combines traditional tumescent liposuction with faster fat dislodging through a vibrating liposuction tool. Combined with a breast reduction and Laser Bra breast lift, liposuction could help restore her pre-pregnancy body.

As can be seen in the “after” photos, this patient look slimmer and her breasts appear more youthful. Her breasts look much smaller and with the Laser Bra breast lift, they also look perkier with more upper-breast fullness. The results exceeded her expectations and she was happy that she came to Los Angeles for her surgery.

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