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Breast Reduction (for Women) Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 6086

Breast Reduction (for Women) Before & Afters Case #6086

Patient Details

This 41-year-old woman from Southern California desired breast implant corrective surgery. Fifteen years earlier she underwent breast augmentation by another surgeon using 435cc double lumen silicone gel and saline implants placed on top of the pectoralis major muscle through periareolar incisions. After researching plastic surgeons, she decided to consult with a surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery because of their credentials, experience and results.

On examination, her surgeon found that she had a capsular contracture on the right side, areola distortion in shape, areola position asymmetry, and visible ripples in the cleavage area from the implants. She was a DD-cup and desired to be smaller and more symmetrical.

In the operating room her surgeon removed her right implant capsule and her 435cc implants. He then created new pockets under the muscle and placed Mentor Siltex textured 275cc moderate plus profile silicone gel implants on each side. After achieving a more ideal size, he then performed a breast lift (mastopexy). The breast lift improved the shape and symmetry of the areolas, tightened the excess skin and decreased rippling from the implants.

The patient is shown before and two months after her breast implant corrective surgery.

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Procedures Performed

Nipple - Areola Correction

Breast Implant Correction

Breast Reduction (for Women)

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