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Breast Reduction (for Women) Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 8436

Breast Reduction (for Women) Before & Afters Case #8436

Patient Details

This 48-year-old woman worked at a designer clothing boutique, but with the large size of her breasts, she felt frustrated that she rarely fit into designer dresses because most of the dresses could not be worn with the sturdy bras she needed to wear. More seriously, the size and weight of her breasts also caused her great discomfort in her shoulders and back. After some consideration, she decided to pursue plastic surgery in Los Angeles to find relief.

When she met with her surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, he highly recommended that he undergo a Laser Bra breast lift and reduction. The reduction would, as the name implies, reduce the size and weight of her breasts to provide relief of her symptoms and the breast lift would restore her breasts to a youthful and attractive position on her chest. The particular method of breast lift, the Laser Bra, acts as an internal "bra" that is made out of the patient's own tissue which provides support for the breasts after surgery and adds fullness to the upper breast. In fact, with the Laser Bra, her breasts would be supported enough for her to comfortably fit into the designer dresses without a bra.

After her Laser Bra lift and breast reduction in Los Angeles, this patient was elated with the results. In the "after" pictures, her breasts are not only smaller, but look perky and youthful. She mentioned to her surgeon that she often forgoes wearing a bra to the boutique "just because now [she] can get away with it."

Procedures Performed

Breast Reduction (for Women)

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