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Cheek/Chin Shaping Case

Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping



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Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping
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  • Cheek/Chin Shaping

Details for Case #10890

This 38-year-old man prided himself in having a very athletic physique, but felt that his moderately recessed chin was inconsistent with the rest of his appearance. He was also concerned about the look of his heavy eyelids which made him look tired, even though he wasn’t. Wanting to improve his appearance, he decided to contact Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for a consultation after hearing about the Los Angeles cosmetic surgery center.

When he met with his surgeon, he explained his concerns as his surgeon listened intently. To achieve the look he wanted, his surgeon suggested that he have chin augmentation to treat his recessed chin and eyelid surgery to open up his eyes and make him look more alert. His surgeon would perform the chin augmentation by making a small incision under the patient’s chin and inserting an implant. After his surgeon completed the chin augmentation, the surgeon would remove excess skin and fat to improve the look of the patient’s eyelids.

After his Los Angeles eyelid surgery and chin augmentation were completed, this patient was given time to recover before these “after” photos were taken. As can be seen in his photos, his eyes are more open and his chin is more in balance with the rest of his profile. He was very happy about the results of his surgeries and felt that his face was more consistent with the rest of his appearance.

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