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Ear Surgery Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 11424

Ear Surgery Before & Afters Case #11424

Patient Details

This 19-year-old young woman had always been troubled by prominent ears that bent forward at the top, causing her to be self-conscious of her appearance. She was interested in cosmetic surgery near Pasadena to help her feel more confident about her ears. During her consultation with her surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, this young woman explained how she felt that the pull of her ears made her face look droopy, and she hoped that otoplasty could correct this look.

Her surgeon performed a bilateral otoplasty, or ear surgery, to "pin back" the tops of her ears so they would rest more attractively beside her face. Otoplasty is generally performed by making a small incision behind the ear and then reshaping the cartilage so that it is positioned closer to the skull. Oftentimes, non-removable stitches are used to keep the ears in place and maintain the new, desired look.

The postoperative photos of this young woman's Pasadena area facial plastic surgery procedure clearly show that her Marina Plastic Surgery surgeon was able to make her ears "stand upright" by pulling back the tops of her bent ears. This young woman is very pleased with the results of her otoplasty as her ears are no longer overly prominent and her face looks much more slender.

Procedures Performed

Ear Surgery

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