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Eyelid Surgery Before & Afters Case #11347

Patient Details

This 51-year-old woman was tired of seeing her tired looking eyes when she looked in the mirror. In addition to the "lidding" of her upper eyes, she had distinct bags below her eyes that made it look like she hadn't slept well in weeks. She had heard about blepharoplasty and wanted to learn more from a Los Angeles eyelid surgery specialist about whether this would be a good procedure for her.

During her consultation, her Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon closely examined the skin around her eyes, noting the areas of drooping and wrinkled skin. He recommended surgery for both the upper and lower eyelids. While the patient was most concerned with the very prominent bags below her eyes, performing upper eyelid blepharoplasty would help to "open up" the eyes and help her appear much more vibrant.

The "after" pictures were taken 2 months following her surgery and she is thrilled with her more youthful and prettier blue eyes. In particular, note how natural the result looks, without the pulled or over-exaggerated appearance that can be associated with eyelid surgery when done by a less experienced surgeon.

Procedures Performed

Eyelid Surgery

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