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Details for Case #11802

This 48 year old woman was bothered by the sun damaged skin and age spots that appeared on her face. Knowing that there were a variety of skin treatments available that could help correct this, she scheduled an appointment at Marina Plastic Surgery to discuss her options.

During her consultation, her surgeon examined her facial features, skin type, and listened carefully to her desires so that he could create the best results possible. Together, they decided that a laser treatment was the best choice for her, since most laser treatments address some of the deepest layers of skin and often improve overall skin coloration. She ultimately chose the very popular Fraxel® laser in Los Angeles.

During her Fraxel procedure, the laser treated small areas of the skin with 400 to 700 microns of wavelength. The laser penetrated deep enough to stimulate new collagen growth. The rest of the skin surface was not affected by the laser, which allowed for quicker healing.

The Fraxel procedure went very well. The patient is pleased with her even skin tone and less apparent sun damage. Given more time to heal, some of the redness that appears in the after photos should continue to fade.

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