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Details for Case #11987

Concerned with the hollowness and dark circles under eyes, this 31-year-old chose the revitalizing effects of Restylane® for those areas to banish those detractions from her appearance. Like many men and women visiting our Los Angeles cosmetic surgery practice, she wanted a safe, simple, yet effective non-invasive solution. A synthetic dermal filler, Restylane can help you meet your goals without the worry of an allergic reaction. During the short treatment, we inject hyaluronic acid into your skin to fill out the areas that concern you. Restylane creates volume, enhancing your face so that it appears healthier and more vital.

Requiring less than 30 minutes, the comfortable procedure is painless, with anesthetic cream applied about an hour before the injections. The number of treatments recommended varies, depending on each individual’s situation.

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