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Details for Case #12011

This patient had been bothered by the bump and uneven texture of her nose for many years. While a surgical rhinoplasty procedure could have corrected her cosmetic concern, she knew that injectable dermal fillers also can be used to provide temporary correction. She came to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates hoping to improve the appearance of the bump on her nose all in one visit.

The bump can be seen most clearly in the profile view “before” picture. Because the bump was caused by a depression rather than bone that was projecting from the bridge of her nose, she was a perfect candidate for an “injectable nose job.” We injected RADIESSE® filler to smooth out the unevenness, and she had a much more satisfying appearance in only minutes!

The “after” pictures displayed here were taken immediately following her treatment. The slight redness of the skin is temporary and will disappear for most patients in less than a day. While using a dermal filler to revise the appearance of the nose does not create a permanent solution, our Los Angeles skin care patients can feel confident that their new look will last about 3 to 4 months before a touch up treatment is required.

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