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Full lips are a sign of youth and a symbol of beauty. As we age, our lips deflate and become thinner, resulting in a tight or pursed appearance. This woman wanted fuller lips like she had when she was younger, but she didn't want to look "done" or "duck-like." After browsing through the before-and-after photos on the website of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, she decided to make an appointment at the Los Angeles plastic surgery practice.

During her consultation, she explained that she wanted to subtly plump her lips without the results looking too obvious. Her skin care specialist assured her that just 1 syringe of JUVÉDERM® would give her the fuller mouth she wanted. JUVÉDERM is made from a natural material that is normally produced in the body. Therefore, there is very little potential for allergic reaction. The results usually last about 6 months and can be maintained with regular treatments. Many women in Los Angeles use JUVÉDERM to add volume to wrinkles or hollows under the eyes.

Following her treatment, her lips immediately appeared enhanced, and she was able to go about her day as she normally would. Some swelling and light bruising is to be expected for the first few days following JUVÉDERM injections, but these side effects quickly wear off. Now, she has the youthful lips she wanted and is very happy with the results.

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