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Labiaplasty Before & Afters Case #5747

Patient Details

These are the results of a 45 year old woman from Redondo Beach, California who chose to have labiaplasty in Los Angeles at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

While it does not receive a lot of media attention, the fact is that thousands of women each year choose surgical correction for enlarged or stretched out labia. For many women, prominent labia can cause chafing and make certain activities, including sexual intercourse, uncomfortable. In addition, many women are self conscious about labia that "stick out." The labia often appear more prominent after childbirth but the shape and size of the labia also can be due to sexual activity or genetics.

Obviously, finding a surgeon who can offer the care and highly-detailed surgical approach you expect is extremely important when considering labia reduction, pubic lift, or other types of vaginal beautification. In almost all cases, full sensation is retained when this surgery is performed by a talented plastic surgeon.

Recovery following labiaplasty requires only a few days of downtime in most cases, though strenuous activities including sexual intercourse may be restricted for several weeks or up to 2 months. This patient's Los Angeles genital rejuvenation results are seen 4 months after her surgery. She is very happy that she had the procedure performed and now enjoys increased comfort.

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