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Laser Skin Resurfacing Laser Skin Resurfacing



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Laser Skin Resurfacing Laser Skin Resurfacing
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Laser Skin Resurfacing Laser Skin Resurfacing
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  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

Details for Case #12443

Our very own Dr. Grant Stevens was concerned about how brown spots, sun damage, and fine lines damaged his skin texture and added to the aging of his face. After examining his tissues and evaluating his options in the same ways he would for each of his Beverly Hills plastic surgery patients, Dr. Stevens determined that laser skin resurfacing would most effectively correct these problems while at the same time improving the texture and health of his skin.

Many of Dr. Stevens’ patients who have very busy schedules opt for these laser treatments to improve the appearance of their facial tissues without the time commitment of full-scale facial surgery. The tightening effects of laser resurfacing are less permanent and less extensive than what patients can achieve with a surgical facelift, but because laser treatments tend to improve the health and quality of the skin, many patients will choose them as a prelude or supplement to surgical rejuvenation.

Dr. Stevens received both the Limelight and Pearl laser treatments because in his experience the combined laser wavelengths tend to offer longer-lasting benefits and target more of the signs of aging that he wanted to correct.

After his procedure, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens shows subtle but very effective improvements that leave his skin looking much more vibrant, with a healthier, more even texture and significantly fewer fine lines and spots. The thin lines around his eyes and his tear troughs are much less noticeable, and he is showing significant improvements to the texture, pigmentation, and firmness of his upper and lower cheeks. The result is a younger, healthier, and even happier appearance.

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