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As a mother of two, this 48-year old woman felt that her body had changed a little too much from the look she wanted. She had breast fed both of her children, and as a result, her breasts had lost their youthful shape. After pregnancy she had difficulty maintaining a toned look, and decided to investigate breast reduction and liposuction surgery in Los Angeles to see if they could help correct the changes she didn't like.
At her personal consultation, she talked to her Marina Plastic Surgery surgeon about her goals and reasons for wanting to undergo liposuction. Her surgeon reassured her that many mothers choose to undergo liposuction to fine-tune their appearance, and her goals were actually very typical. She and her surgeon agreed that reducing the size of her breasts and applying liposuction to tighten her thighs and abdomen could give her the youthful appearance she wanted back.

Her breast reduction surgery required several steps. On the day of the surgery, her doctor removed 400 grams of breast tissue from the right and 520 grams of breast tissue from the left breast, then re-contoured the remainder to give it a more shapely, youthful look. In the process, he adjusted the position of her nipples. Then, he adjusted the curves of her abdomen and the medial and lateral (side) areas of her thighs to remove unwanted fat.

As a result of her breast reduction and Los Angeles liposuction, this woman has achieved the toned and youthful looking body that she desired. Now, her breasts look right for her body, and her thighs and abdomen appear toned and much more attractive.

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