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Liposuction Before & Afters Case #2431

Patient Details

When they see their results, patients who have undergone liposuction and other body contouring cosmetic surgery near Pasadena frequently say that they wished they had done it sooner. This woman had heard this from several former patients at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, so she decided not to hesitate. She consulted with her surgeon and discussed her desire to improve the look of her abdomen and thighs.

During her consultation, her surgeon highlighted why the new Smartlipo™ technology could help correct this patient's unwanted deposits of belly and thigh fat more effectively than traditional liposuction techniques. Smartlipo is a minimally-invasive technique that uses laser energy to melt fat cells before they are removed from the body using a thin cannula. This method has proven to be generally safer than traditional liposuction as it requires a smaller incision and reduces postoperative bruising and swelling.

This woman is very pleased with the results of her Beverly Hills area plastic surgery as her surgeon has made definite, positive enhancements that improve the look of her entire figure. Her legs, back, and abdomen are now slimmer and smoother, and her waist looks softer and more feminine. She loves the compliments and positive responses to her new shape.

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