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Liposuction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 2578

Liposuction Before & Afters Case #2578

Patient Details

This 27-year-old woman was concerned that excess folds of fat and skin throughout her abdominal area and across her back made her look heavier and less feminine. She scheduled an appointment at Marina Plastic Surgery to find out how Los Angeles-area liposuction and body contouring could help her achieve the more flattering figure she wanted. After assessing her body, her doctor suggested a tummy tuck in combination with a power-assisted liposuction procedure to reshape her waist area and lower belly.

The doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery haves helped to research and pioneer techniques for power-assisted liposuction in the US, and have found that it removes fat cells from the body more safely than many other methods and results in fewer post-operative complications. This patient received a tummy tuck to precisely shape a firmer-looking abdominal area, and her surgeon used power-assisted liposuction surgery in Los Angeles to sculpt away bulges of fat from her bra area, lower back, and hips.

Following surgery, this patient is thrilled with the results of her combination procedure. Now that she no longer has a "bra roll" or protruding abdominal fat, her figure is noticeably slimmer and smoother, and she has better definition of the natural, balanced curves at her hips and waist. Each of her post-operative photos exhibits significant improvements that enhance the look of her entire body.

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