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Liposuction Before & Afters Case #3791

Patient Details

This 39-year-old woman wanted to rejuvenate her entire appearance to look more youthful, healthy, and toned. She scheduled a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates and explained that she was unhappy with the shape and position of her breasts, as well as the stubborn pockets of abdominal fat that refused to burn away with diet and exercise. From the side view, her nipples also appeared to point downward.

To create fuller, shapelier breasts, this woman chose a breast augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift). During surgery, she received cohesive-gel implants, with a 150cc implant for her left breast and 200cc for the right to create better symmetry. Her surgeon made an infra-mammary fold incision and placed the implants in a sub muscular position to achieve her desired volume. The mastopexy lifted her sagging breasts.

To enhance her abdominal area, she also received a Los Angeles abdominoplasty procedure to tighten and smooth the look of her tummy. Based on the goals she described in her consultation, her surgeon also performed liposuction to remove fatty bulges from her abdomen, hips, and flanks.

Through plastic surgery, this woman was able to increase her bust size from a C cup to a full D. She loves the new look of her breasts and feels that they now complement her entire body much better. She is also very pleased that her abdomen is now firmer and her waist more defined. Patients who receive Los Angeles and Beverly Hills tummy tucks combined with liposuction can often see these kinds of dramatic improvements to the contours of their bodies.

Procedures Performed


Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover

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