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Liposuction Before & Afters Case #3963

Patient Details

Stretched abdominal muscles and bulky pockets of abdominal fat caused this 55-year-old woman to feel self-conscious about her body. Despite diet and exercise, this woman's belly area remained lax, so she met with a doctor at Marina Plastic Surgery to determine her best options for restoring a more youthful figure. Her goal was to feel comfortable enough with her body to wear a bikini.

Her doctor decided to achieve this patient's appearance goals by performing a tummy tuck and power-assisted liposuction in Los Angeles. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is designed to tighten and re-contour the abdominal muscles, while liposuction aids in removing stubborn fat pockets. He wanted to highlight the natural curves of her waist and hips by removing the excess skin and fat that hid them. With years of experience, the doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery are able to create beautiful results for their patients.

This woman is very happy with her new appearance. Her stomach is now firmer, flatter, and more defined, and she is pleased by how natural her results look after her tummy tuck and liposuction. Los Angeles patients like this woman appreciate the attention to aesthetics by the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery when sculpting the contours of their bodies. The surgical scar is barely noticeable in her post-operative photographs, and she now looks slimmer and more feminine. This woman is thrilled that she is now able to wear bikinis for the first time in decades.

Procedures Performed


Tummy Tuck

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