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Liposuction Before & Afters Case #4509

Patient Details

Many women experience stubborn pockets of localized fat in the lower abdominal area that result from age, pregnancy, or persist after weight loss. When diet and exercise fail to trim this fat, many women choose to smooth out their abdomen through liposuction surgery near Los Angeles. This particular patient wanted to correct the larger fatty pocket on her lower abdomen that made her look heavier than she really was. After talking over her options, this woman felt confident that her surgeon would meet her expectations, and she was excited to progress with her surgery.

The doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery have great experience performing body contouring liposuction in the Los Angeles area and strive to stay current with the most advanced techniques to reduce recovery times fortheir patients. After injecting a tumescent solution to numb the area and help dissolve the fat cells, her doctor used a cannula to break up fat cells in the treated area and suctioned them out, permanently reducing the patient's fat cell count.

This woman was very pleased to find that her unwanted fat had been removed after her liposuction surgery. Often, loose abdominal muscles also contribute to a "flabby" belly, so in some cases patients will still see a bit of a curve to their lower belly after liposuction. This patient still has some slight curvature to her lower belly that she may choose to correct with a tummy tuck at a later point, but the liposuction alone balanced out her shape dramatically, and she is very happy with how much slimmer she now looks.

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