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Nipple - Inversion Correction Case

Nipple - Inversion Correction Nipple - Inversion Correction



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Nipple - Inversion Correction Nipple - Inversion Correction
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Nipple - Inversion Correction Nipple - Inversion Correction
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  • Nipple - Inversion Correction

Details for Case #9097

This 43-year-old woman was concerned about the look of her breasts. She felt that her breasts were too small and looked unnatural with her inverted nipples. Instead of pointing outward, both of her nipples were inverted, or turned inward. The condition affects millions of women, usually as a genetic trait. For this patient, Los Angeles plastic surgery was the best solution to address her concerns.

She met with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to discuss her options. She and her surgeon decided that she would undergo a breast augmentation with 325cc Moderate Profile Plus silicone gel implants and then her surgeon would surgically address her nipples. Using careful incisions and sutures, her surgeon would be able to correct her nipples without severing nerves or damaging the milk duct. This would preserve her nipple sensation and function, which is a common concern with inverted nipple surgery.

When the surgery was completed, this patient was very happy with the results. She loved the new size and shape of her breasts, feeling that they looked natural, normal and full. She was also very pleased with the new look of her nipples and happy that they would permanently remain outward.

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