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Nipple - Inversion Correction Case

Nipple - Inversion Correction Nipple - Inversion Correction



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Nipple - Inversion Correction Nipple - Inversion Correction
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  • Nipple - Inversion Correction

Details for Case #9148

This 25-year-old woman was unhappy with the way her nipples pointed inward. To find a solution, she began researching how inverted nipple surgery could permanently make her nipples look normal. And, after some consideration, she decided to schedule a consultation with one of the plastic surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

Concerned with preserving the function of her nipples, her surgeon recommended that he perform a special duct-sparing technique that would not cut or close the milk duct. This technique would allow her to breast feed in the future and would help to preserve her nipple sensation as well. Her surgeon would carefully work around the duct and nerves to ensure that no unnecessary alterations would be made. Additionally, her surgeon would use carefully placed internal and external sutures with dissolving thread to ensure that the nipples stay outward without very visibly scarring.

After her Los Angeles plastic surgery was completed, this patient’s nipples look healthy and normal. As can be seen in the “after” photos, her nipple does not show any signs of having undergone surgery; the incision healed so well that the scar is not visible. She was thrilled with the new, natural look of her nipples and was glad that her surgeon was able to preserve the function and feeling of her nipples.

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