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Details for Case #10047

This 30-year-old woman felt that her nose didn’t quite fit her face. While her other eyes and facial structure were petite, her nose was not proportional to these defining features. Her facial profile appeared too angular for her liking. She started researching her choices to try to find the best Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon to enhance her facial appearance and create a more balanced look.

At Marina Plastic Surgery, in her personal surgical consultation she discussed her goals, questions, and concerns about the procedure. Her doctor explained specific changes she could make to enhance her look without compromising the natural shape of her nose, and suggested a fitting technique to accomplish her goals. After settling on a technique approach, her surgeon helped her understand how she should prepare for her procedure and recovery.

Nose reduction surgeries like this patient’s typically involve reducing the excess cartilage and bone that give the nasal bridge a “large” or even a “hooked” appearance. Larger-scale corrections often require an open-approach rhinoplasty, where the surgeon lifts the soft tissue at the tip of the nose in order to access the internal structure of the nose directly.

Three months after her rhinoplasty surgery in Los Angeles, this woman’s nose appears much more proportional and better -suited to her facial features. Her profile photo shows how much her procedure improved her nasal bridge, and although she is still healing, her results already look very good.

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