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Details for Case #10080

This 27-year-old female was interested in nose reshaping surgery. She researched surgeons and chose to consult with a plastic surgeon that was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and that specialized in rhinoplasty surgery.

In her visit to our Marina del Rey, California office, she expressed her desire to have a smaller bump on the dorsum of her nose. She said that she was comfortable with the shape of the tip of her nose, but felt that it projected out too far from her face. Although she had otherwise feminine features, the substantial size of her nose dominated her facial features and gave her a more masculine appearance than she desired. While she was clear that she wanted a significant change to her nose, she was also certain that she did not want a scooped out dorsum. She wanted improvement in the shape of her nose, but she didn’t want to look like an entirely new person.

After examining her and thoroughly discussing her options, we formulated a plan for her operation and she elected to proceed with nose reshaping surgery. A closed rhinoplasty technique was used. The nasal dorsal hump was substantially reduced by removing cartilage and bone. The bones were then moved together to give her a more feminine appearance on frontal view. Also, the cartilage was trimmed on the lower aspect of the nose to make her nasal tip more perky, and the position of the tip was moved back somewhat so that the tip did not project outward so far.

She recovered beautifully from the surgery and her nasal splint was removed approximately one week after surgery. Like most of our nose reshaping patients, she did not require any nasal packing. In these photographs, she is shown before and approximately four months following her nose reshaping surgery.

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