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Nose Reshaping Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 10123

Nose Reshaping Before & Afters Case #10123

Patient Details

This 25-year-old professional woman consulted with us about a "nose job" in Los Angeles. She researched surgeons and chose to see a plastic surgeon that was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and that specialized in rhinoplasty surgery.

In her visit to our Marina del Rey office, she explained that she wanted an overall smaller nose, but that she did not want to appear overdone. Her biggest concern was the large bump on the dorsum of her nose. She believed that her nose looked too strong in multiple views, and she sought to refine its overall look. She also felt that her nose was too angular, with sharper edges rather than softer curves.

She believed also that the tip of her nose was too round and full. She emphasized that she wanted a nice improvement in her appearance, but did not want to look like an entirely new person following her surgery. She hoped that a natural appearing rhinoplasty result would better match the rest of her facial features.

During her examination in our office, we thoroughly discussed her concerns. Together we formulated a plan for her operation, and she elected to have her nose reshaping procedure.

We used an open rhinoplasty technique to create the desired changes in her appearance. This gave us the maximum amount of precision and control when reshaping her nasal tip. Fine calipers were used to reduce the amount of cartilage in her nasal tip so that it would appear less bulbous. She required a substantial reduction in the dorsal bone and cartilage to eliminate the dorsal hump. Her nasal tip was then lifted up slightly to make it perkier and to obtain optimal nose proportions. Her nasal bones were then moved together to in order to give her a more feminine appearance on frontal view.

She recovered smoothly from her Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgery and her nasal splint was removed approximately one week after the operation. In these photographs she is shown before and approximately four months after her nose reshaping operation. By making her nose smaller and more feminine in a natural appearing way, her beautiful facial features were greatly enhanced.

Procedures Performed

Nose Reshaping

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