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Nose Reshaping Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 10378

Nose Reshaping Before & Afters Case #10378

Patient Details

This 30-year-old female patient wanted to improve the appearance of her nose. She was most bothered by the bump on the dorsum of her nose, but she was also concerned about the fullness and position of her nasal tip. Her surgeon thoroughly discussed all risks and alternatives to Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgery. A detailed plan for the changes to be made was created and surgery was scheduled.

Her surgeon used an open rhinoplasty procedure because he wanted to make significant changes to her nasal tip and to maintain precise control. He trimmed the upper portion of the cartilages on the tip of her nose and moved the remaining cartilage pieces together to narrow the tip slightly. He then reduced the bump on her dorsum by removing a portion of the cartilage and bone in that area. Because the nasal bones would have been too broad, he gently moved the bones together. He then trimmed the septum on the lower portion of the nose in a way that moved her nasal tip upward and made it perkier.

These photographs were taken before and eleven weeks after her Los Angeles nose surgery procedure. Looking at the underside of her nose, you can see that her incision healed beautifully, even at this early stage. The nose has more ideal triangular proportions and nostrils that are less slit-like. On the oblique and lateral views there is an obvious feminization of her appearance with a reduction in the dorsal hump and a perkier tip. On frontal view her narrower nasal bones also create a more feminine appearance. Overall, she has a natural appearing result that greatly enhances her appearance.

Procedures Performed

Nose Reshaping

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